Vegatable and ricotta green gnocchi


Ingredients for 4 people
400 gr between cahrd and spinach
300 gr ricotta
2 eggs
80 gr grated parmesan
1 tablespoon marjoram leaves
50 gr crumb (soft part of bread)
1 red onion
40 gr matured cheese (such as Montasio)
40 gr butter


Clean vegetables and cook them in a small quantity of water for 5 minutes. Drain, squeeze and put them in the mixer. Add ricotta, eggs, crumb, salt, parmesan, nutmeg and marjoram. Whip to get a solid and homogenous mixture (in case, you can add bread crumbs). Prepare with wet hands the gnocchi, as big as a nut, and run them in flour.
Bring to boil lightly salted water. Peel and slice the onion, fry it gently with butter and then switch off.
When water is boiling add the gnocchi and cook them for 3-4 minutes from when they bob up, then drain with a pierced ladle and dress with the buttered onion. Divide the gnocchi into 4 oven pans, spread with the grated cheese and put them in the oven for a few minutes.